11 Years of comprehensive Signage experience - we offer a complete solution for your visual needs Australia-wide.

Signs360 is the full-service provider of illuminated and non-illuminated signage for indoor and outdoor use, enhancing all elements of your visual communication.

Offering an end-to-end graphics solution, we also feature an in-house plant to cater for clients’ specific needs.

Your Signage Solution is in hands of an industry expert.

Having contributed and published at least 5 articles in industry magazines - we provide the ultimate creative advise, followed by the best service to create spectacular eye catching signs.

In todays competitve world it's required to create something to catch the eye, to draw a crowd, to stimulate conversation, to create enthusiasm, or something to really set one job apart from another. We work closely with you to create the best solution suited to your business.

We set the standards for product quality through our many years of experience and knowhow of the signage industry.

In 1998 Director Marc Levy Established Neonic Signs (our sister Neon Specialist Company) after completing his honours bachelor of commerce.

Feel Free to read some articles written in industry magazines get a full understand of the amount of proven knowledge and experience that has lead to the creation of Signs360 within the iSpace Group of Companies.

Click this link to download the article on Neonic Signs in 1998

Click here to see the Cover of the Sign and Graphics Magazine which was designed by Neonic in 2000

Click here to read the article on Tips and Tricks of Neon - May 2002

Click here to read the article on the Neon industry in NSW May 2004

Clear Advantages over our competitors.

At the same time, we’re aware that superb signage knowledge must be accompanied by the best service and the most visually impactful products, in order to set ourselves apart from the rest.

In today’s competitive world, it's not just about catching the eye. It’s about using signs and signage to draw a crowd, to stimulate conversation, to create enthusiasm and ultimately, to drive sales volumes.

For this reason, Signs360 works closely with all clients, to create sign solutions that are suited to each individual business, marketplace and location.

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Signs360 sets the standards for product quality, on the basis of its many years of diverse experience, industry understanding and technical know-how.

In 1998, Marc Levy established Neonic Signs (our sister company, specialising in neon signs) after completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Honours degrees.

Vision, style and colour have become significant hallmarks of Marc’s business principles. His need to research and to constantly engage with his staff and clients remain prevalent in his leadership technique, combined with his knack of approaching each new challenge with enthusiasm and a fresh point of view.

In addition, as part of his adaptation to the changing times, Levy has embraced the world of communication technology while staying true to his hands-on, tried-and-tested sign-making and sign-manufacturing methods.

Signs360 has clear advantages over our competitors, due to aspects like our innovative services, unique strategies, dynamic approach and varied product offerings.
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Signs360 is not your typical signage shop, nor your run-of-the-mill sign-maker. We go further, producing ground-breaking concepts to meet your signage requirements. Our dedicated team offers:

- Design
- Consultation/customisation
- Project management
- Production
- Installation
- Maintenance and repair
- Finance and rental options


Based on our insight, vision and creativity, Signs360 is well-placed to partner with you in taking your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Together, we can ensure that your ideas become effective communication tools to grow your business into the future.

How? Well, we know what a daunting task it can be to develop effective communication strategies. Signs360 is able to create smart, innovative ideas and produce effective, realistic visual communication solutions that will connect instantly with your target market.


Our detailed and total approach to signage takes three vital issues into account:

1. Exposure. The location, dimensions and treatment of the sign must achieve legible exposure to the maximum number of people.

2. Prestige. Signs must contribute positively to the prestige of the corporate name. A superior sign enhances a company's reputation. Conversely, an unclear image creates an unfavourable impression of the company.

3. Aesthetics. The sign must be architecturally harmonious with the building.

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Varied signage product offerings

Illuminated signs are a superb way to attract the attention of busy shoppers or passing traffic. They create a powerful impression and provide legibility and awareness for retail stores, buildings, and other environments including:

events, exhibitions, trade shows, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, clubs and pubs, hotels, video stores, casinos, shopping centres, liquor stores, and cinemas.

And at night, the extra visibility your business gains is easily recouped from the extra recognition you gain – making this kind of signage a low-cost way to promote your business 24 hours a day!

Nothing stands out better than a well-designed illuminated or backlit sign, and there are several options when it comes to illuminated signage.

For a start, standard lightboxes are 150mm wide and double-sided. A powder-coated metal frame is welded into a box sign with specific measurements. Standard fluorescent globes are then fitted into the box and wired with standard lighting ballasts. The perspex panel typically has vinyl applied to the perspex, to create the graphic message.

These box signs are the most popular type of illuminated signage option and are seen in Australia on a daily basis. This is because they are an affordable and professional way of lighting up a message.

A number of other options have crept into the marketplace, as alternatives to standard light boxes.

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A slim lightbox option is an elegant way to display your brand. Recently, more and more store owners have decided to go for this premier solution – in order to stand out in a marketplace that is cluttered with standard signs and signage.

Another fantastic trend is the use of alucobond as the basis of the box, with the corporate logo routered out in negative space. A 10mm perspex is then pushed through the routered sections to create 3D letters.

What’s more, sign makers and sign designers are able to apply a digitally printed graphic to the alucobond ‘shell’, to give the box a fresh colourful look during the day.

Because of limitations on the size of the material, large lightboxes are made in a different way, the industry term for which is ‘flex face’. The flex face light box features translucent banner material that is stretched over a special extrusion.

It is possible to create three-dimensional fabricated letters on the face of a standard light box, to make your letters really stand out. You can also create neon halo effects behind letters, if the logo suits the application.

The neon option has the potential to expose a brand in a very bright way, and is also a cost-saving way to run a signage solution. Believe it or not, neon signs can last for ten years or longer, if made correctly.

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Feel free to click here for additional information on neon signage, which you’ll find on the website of our neon company, Neonic. We’ve been designing and producing neon signs for over a decade now, and we have all of the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet your requirements – whatever they may be.

Finally, LED signs are an innovative and original contemporary type of lighting signage. They’re extremely cost-effective to run and like neon signs, they can last for many years, ensuring less maintenance.

Want non-illuminated signage? Anything is possible.

While illumination and lighting are often seen as the best way to draw attention to a sign, more often than not, non-illuminated signage is not only practical, but effective.

Many business people agree that signs and signage are the most cost-effective means of advertising a business or promoting a new product.

However, while signage plays a role in enhancing the visibility of a business, it is also used functionally at a wide range of facilities and institutions such as hospitals, factories, airports and universities to name but a few. The signage used at a specific facility or business communicates the nature of a business and we, at Signs360, can provide you with the best signage solutions and options.

Image enhancement and identity

In spite of the popularity of illuminated signage, non-illuminated signage is an equally effective means of drawing attention to a business or premises. Non-illuminated signage presents a clear image of your business or message in a way that is unobtrusive and direct. In most instances, non-illuminated signage is suited to practical and functional purposes like way-finding and giving direction and information to potential clients, passers-by and communities at large. Non-illuminated signage is also often regulatory - required by law to conform to national codes and standards.

Choosing the right signage solution

As professional sign-designers, we at Signs360 offer a comprehensive sign design service that begins with a survey of a specific location and building and a thorough analysis of the architectural design of a site. We take issues of traffic flow and patterns into consideration, the overall visibility and legibility of a sign and your budget into consideration before embarking on a sign design project. We focus on issues of permitting, manufacturing, installation and maintaining a sign to ensure that you enjoy our full-service offering.

Non-illuminated but effective

As experienced sign designers, we at Signs360 can provide you with a range of non-illuminated signage solutions using creative design techniques and colours to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sign and the overall identity of your facility. Signs360 provides non-illuminated signage solutions that include:

- A-frames;
- Billboards;
- Ceiling signs;
- Counter signs;
- Dealership signs;
- Directional signs;
- Door signs;
- Estate agent signs;
- Factory signs;
- Flag advertisements;
- Floor graphics;
- Glass signs and window graphics;
- Reception Signage
- Industrial park and airport signs;
- Mobile signs;
- Posters and notices;
- Price markers & display signs;
- Shop signs;

- Sign boards;
- Stainless steel and metal signs;
- Sky signs;
- Toilet signs;
- Traffic signs
- Van and truck signs;
- Vinyl, acrylic and PVC signs;
- Wall graphics;
- Wall-mounted signs; and
- Wooden signs;

While technology continues to impact on the developments within the illuminated signage industry, we also know that standard non-illuminated signs work to draw attention to your facility. At Signs360, anything is possible.

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With Signs360 you get more than you pay for, you get exactly what you need and most importantly, you get more than you dreamed of.

To begin with, Signs360 designs all signage with the client’s unique corporate identity in mind, to ensure a consistent look, feel and brand across all manifestations of your communication.

In addition, our design team works with you to create realistic mock-ups of your signage solution, so that you have a very clear impression of the completed job before you spend so much as a cent on your signage.

We use an extensive database of couriers and transport companies to deliver work across Australia, and beyond. If you’d like to know more about our 'insured' option, please Contact us

But wait! There’s more.

Signs360 can customise your illuminated and non-illuminated; interior and exterior; reception, office, car park and/or business park signage to your exact specifications, using materials that are durable, weather-proof, mobile and highly flexible.

So whether you’re after retail signage, window signs, fascia signs, digital printing, magnetic signage, sign-writing, under-awning signs, fabricated letters, solar-powered signs, or attention-grabbers of any size, shape or form, Signs360 is the answer.

We’ve conceptualised, created, installed and maintained signs and signage projects for applications as diverse as wholesalers, stores and shops, TV backdrops, restrooms, schools, universities, food shops and supermarkets – and hundreds of other branding, marketing, advertising and promotional expressions.

And this is why we believe we’re the best signage advisor, designer and supplier in the Australian marketplace.

Combining the best fixtures and fixing methods with top-quality maintenance standards and sound sign warranties, Signs360 is able to match quick and professional turn-around with cutting-edge ideas and vision.

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